On 15 – 17 May 2017, PSHK as ARK secretariat along with other working group members supported by Knowledge Sector Indonesia held a series of activities in Yogyakarta. The series is part of ARK working program implementation in the launching of ARK policy research that will be conducted in late 2017.

There are several activities in the series: in the first day, PKMK UGM invited a member of ARK to participate in Leadership and Strengthening University Research Capacity. On the next day, 16 May 2017 Fitra and PKMK UGM held a human resource mapping and capacity enhancement workshop. The workshop divided into several sessions. The morning session was ARK website preparation by ELSAM and PPH Atmajaya from Website working group. Followed by preparation on the development of repository and database prepared by Cakra Wikara Indonesia and PPIM UIN. The closing session was a workshop for Indonesia development forum by CSIS and Akatiga.